Aging 2.0, the global innovation network selects LAT as part of their Academy program November/14
  Age2.0 Press Release

LAT announces selection to Academy Program of Aging 2.0 November/14, leading organization worldwide which promotes new technology for worlds aging population.
LATs press release

Today Show debuts all-new Reminder Rosie September/14
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All-new Reminder Rosie Launch Press Release
Press Release

AARP Bulletin March/14  Reminder Rosie featured in a Homecare Technology article: 'Goodbye Nursing Home? New Technology Lets You Stay Put "

Reminder Rosie Introduced at Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas, March 11-12 2014.
Press Release 3/14

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Mission Statement

Life Assistant Technologies (LAT) aim is to help further establish the 'community of care' mindset within personalized platforms for health improvement.

LAT's goal is to supply elderly people in our society, as well as the disabled, innovative assistive living devices and systems. Utilizing cutting edge voice  technology to execute personalized treatment regimens, LAT goal is to help seniors live independently, stay in their homes longer, while improving their quality of life. 

LAT's mission is to forge a 'healthy' disruption of the current general mindset and attitudes to improve peoples lives and save massive and unnecessary health care costs for overburdened governments.  

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